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Adventure Overland Show 2016


Adventure Overland Show 2016!

The NOE Team will be attending the show this year,
after a great event last year, the NOE’s will be returning in force with a number of extra members attending the show this year,

We were offered a place last year which had gone very well, everyone enjoyed the event and were left with wanting more,

We are pleased to have been asked to return for a 2nd year running of this great event showcasing exactly how much Adventure you can have Overlanding!

See you there!

Wild Tracks Fun Day – November

Well as the some of the team camped out over night from the Exploring Greenlanes run the day before, it was a wet and cool start to the morning at the camp site,

Once all the tents / roof tents were all packed up the day began with a quick brief from Scott about the conditions of the 4×4 off road course at Wild Tracks near Thetford.

With the excessive amount of rain the night before and also the drizzel a the day continued it proved to be quite an interesting learning experience for those who havent driven in a “proper” off road, flood and mud area,

As the day continued more rain fell from the skys and made the course even more waterlogged than what it already was,

Scott had decided to go an explore the “Waterhole” and swiftly demonstated self-recovery using a winch.. after getting stuck in

Scott also had to demonstrate the safe use of a winch when recovering Robin’s Reusty Series Truck the 109 after a failed attempt to get up and over a mud mound which scott had previously failed to overcome (the 109 wanted to prove the 110 wrong! – ended up going pear shaped which the 110 had to left a helping winch up and over) – Video’s on NOE Youtube Channel

After a brave attempt over the steep incline and through the river section (Video’s again on YouTube) Kevin had to then rescue a rather brave little Jimney who seemed to have forgotten wading depth as it decided to plough through a rather deep section of water before cutting out – in chest deep of water – once cleared from the water and back on solid terafirma Malc our Mechanical Officer / Overland Ready lent a quick hand with a spanner to get the jimney back to life.. minus the airfilter and 1/2 pint of water in the engine.. let alone the 2 inch in the footwell..

Once again a Fun day out with quite a few video’s and photo’s to show for it much to the amusement of the Kids of NOE!

Exploring Green Lanes – November

Well the NOE Exploring Greenlanes day was quite eventful with thanks to Scott our Expedition Officer and Team Leader of the Global Adventures Team gave us an interesting route with a number of challending obsticles not only for the Land Rovers which were in convoy but also our resident L200 Mitzi driven by Rachel (OM2B+TD Team Leader)

The route entailed various green lanes along pedlars way and also 3 fords as well, first challenge for the starting point over at Sculthorpe Mill was to cross the First Ford!

There were one or two issues on the route such as Water in the spark plugs of a trusty series truck (109) and fixing the truck with a pring from a pen!

Other troubles included some very muddy areas on one or two tracks which were challending for those who had Road Tires and also one or two punctured tires too

All in all, everyone who attended had a great time, learned some new skills (and knowing the wading depths… jus under the top of the wellies! )

Images can be found on facebook or in the gallery

Back Home, Ready for Next Adventure

Well the Team are back home safe,

Everyone enjoyed the Show and made lots of new friends

The Global Adventures Team as well as the One Mum, Two Boys & Their Dog Team mad lots of fun and even dabbled in Bush craft – An essential skill when Overlanding in the outback, we hope you boys were paying attention!

Who’d have thought a Land Rover cooked Pizza! to see what we mean – check out the Facebook page and look for the shared images

Until the next adventure!

Set up camp at AO Show 2014

Well we are glad to say we are here safe and camp has been set up for the next couple of days of fun, sharing stories and most importantly meeting/making new friends

Please dont be shy and come over to Stall D1 in the Main Arena and meet the NOE Team, also meet the “Global Adventures” Team as well as the “One Mum, Two Boys and Their Dog” Team