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As we are now registered as an official club with a Public Liability Insurance Policy to cover any trips / event’s we host, we have now introduced a membership fee.

As NOE’s is expanding, the membership fee is to cover the costs of increasing club administration to be able to organise events, expeditions and general running of the club for the members.
The membership fee is an annual fee which will need to be renewed year on year,
The membership fee is as follows:

Full Member (Driver taking part on Trips / Events / Social) – £10.00

Teenagers aged 13 – 17 – £5.00

Children aged 12 and under – £ Free

All prices are based on Per Person

How the pricing works

  • Any person (who holds a Valid Driving Licence) who wishes to drive on our Trips / Events would need to hold a Full Membership
  • Any person who is wishing to attend our events or trips as a passenger (who is 18+ ) is known as a Associate Member
  • Any person who is between 13 and 17 is classed as a Teenage Member
  • Any other members who are aged 12 and below are classed as a Child Member

All Trips / Events / Social are for Members Only unless otherwise stated on the event

Any Membership enquiries please feel free to email – membership (AT) norfolkoverlandexplorers (D0T) org (D0T) uk

Membership will allow you access to our Member only events and Expeditions

Membership is not solely for locals, we have Members who are in all parts of the country and soon in different countries

If you wish to become an NOE member please copy and send the details below to the following email address: membership (AT) norfolkoverlandexplorers (D0T) org (D0T) uk

Please Note
Submission of Membership requests and subsequent approvals does not guarantee placement on a planned expedition – these are on a first come first serve basis and are subject to change or cancellation at any time

First Name (*) –
Last Name (*) –
D.O.B –
1st Line Address (*) –
2nd Line Address –
Town (*) –
County (*) –
Postcode(*) –
E-Mail (*) –
Tel No(*) –
Mob No. –
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Vehicle Make –
Vehicle Model –
Are you a 4×4 Response Member?
If yes, which Group? –
Are you a BLRC (Norfolk) Member? –
Are you a Rover Rescue Member? –
Are you a GLASS Member? –
Are you a Raynet Member? –
Radio Callsign (CB and/or Amateur Radio) –
Relevant Notes (Including Related Clubs you are members of) –

Please note the fields marked with an Asterisk (*) are mandatory

Best wishes,
NOE Membership

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