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Welcome to the NOE Team Page,

Below are Members of the NOE that you guys need to know also some details submitted by them


Scott – Chairman & Expeditions Officer

11853848_10155858553705366_1038386245_nCurrently working in the Oil and Gas industry on a 28/28 rotation overseas. Has extensively traveled for work and also enjoys expedition overland travel on his time off. Has completed 4×4 expeditions to Morocco, Tunisia, Alps, Botswana,, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Italy and other various locations.  His two children often accompany him on his overland adventures, plus his faithful dog ‘Donny’. He is also a qualified BSAC scuba diving instructor and a mixed gas technical diver.

Contact scott (AT) norfolkoverlandexplorers (D0T) org (D0T) uk

Malc – Vice Chairman & Technical officer

MalcHaving an adventurous spirit I love to travel. Training in Mechanics and Electronics gives a solid basis for keeping the adventure on track.
I am interested in both vehicle tracking and self-sufficiency of electricity, keeping you going and knowing where you are if you need assistance.

I hold an intermediate Amateur Radio licence and also utilise CB frequencies for Green laning and Geocaching with friends
In the past, I have had adventures in France, Italy and nearly every part of the UK,

Contact: malc (AT) norfolkoverlandexplorers (D0T) org (D0T) uk

Robin – Treasurer

RobinPA050746I have recently retired after 43yrs as a Dental Surgeon.
I have been travelling on foot, Public Transport and on 4 wheels for almost as long as I can remember.
My earliest memory of holidays with my parents is wild camping beside a loch north of Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland at the age of 4 or 5.
Since then I have walked on many multi-day trips in the hills of Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire and the Lake District as well as in France and backpacked, often solo, in many remote areas as well as driving around Europe, Morocco, the UK and Southern Ireland.
I hold an Amateur Radio Foundation licence as well as a First Aid in Remote Locations Certificate.
I have been Controller of Rover Rescue (the oldest 4×4 group offering support to the Emergency Services and other Cat1 and Cat2 Responders) for 10 years and I have been driving and working on Land Rovers for 25 years.

Kevin – Website administrator, Tech & Communications Officer

11792180_10153486030709725_8043681292874716068_oI work as a Consultant Wireless & Networking Engineer,

I Enjoy going out on trips Overlanding & Green Laning

Hobbies include Diving, Semi-Professional Photography and Radio (Amature Radio)

I am a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator – Intermediate Licence and have been heard on CB only while on the Lanes

I’m also a avid Geocacher and general Technology Geek! 🙂

I’m also involved in:
Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response
East of England Ambulance Service Trust – Communitiy First Responder Scheme (CFR’s)
Norfolk Lowland Search & Rescue Team (Search Technician and Flood First Responder)

I manage and maintain all the Technical / Communications & Technology side of the group, if you have any issues please feel free to email
websupport (AT) norfolkoverlandexplorers (D0T) org (D0T) uk

Jess – Membership Secretary

Jess_CathedralI currently work in the Leisure and Tourism industry as a receptionist at a caravan site.

Most of the group activities I do are with my partner Kevin (as Above), this is how i got into the Overlanding idea
I dont personally own any 4×4 vehicles however i do enjoy the odd trip out on the lanes.
I enjoy the social events we organise and like to get to know the new members which join us.
A couple of social event we attended as a group night was the African/Caribbean night in Norwich as well as the recent Bowling night we held in Norwich which I and I’m sure the others very much enjoyed.

Guy – General Committee Member

I have been into off roading in 4×4’s for about 8 years + now.
I enjoy Green Lane runs as well as the challenge of fun days.
My love of the outdoors and ‘going off road’ began about 30 years ago with mountain biking and is something I am still interested in today.
I have travelled fairly widely within Europe and also Iceland.
I also put my vehicle to good use assisting the emergency services and providing event support within different voluntary organisations.

Karl – General Committee Member

KarlI have always enjoyed camping and the outdoors but after having had my first taste of overlanding by 4×4 back in 2012 on an expedition to Botswana.
I was extremely keen when I got back to the UK to acquire myself a 4×4 and get out there with my 3 children and 2 dogs camping/off-roading and green laning.
We Have since been to Belgium, Scotland, Wales and many places in England and this year (2016) going to Morocco.
I am also Registered Disabled and find this form of Adventure a great way I am still able To enjoy the outdoors and visit many beautiful places with my family and also make great new friends…


Richard – General Committee Member

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