Norfolk Overland Explorers

Exploring Green Lanes – November

Well the NOE Exploring Greenlanes day was quite eventful with thanks to Scott our Expedition Officer and Team Leader of the Global Adventures Team gave us an interesting route with a number of challending obsticles not only for the Land Rovers which were in convoy but also our resident L200 Mitzi driven by Rachel (OM2B+TD Team Leader)

The route entailed various green lanes along pedlars way and also 3 fords as well, first challenge for the starting point over at Sculthorpe Mill was to cross the First Ford!

There were one or two issues on the route such as Water in the spark plugs of a trusty series truck (109) and fixing the truck with a pring from a pen!

Other troubles included some very muddy areas on one or two tracks which were challending for those who had Road Tires and also one or two punctured tires too

All in all, everyone who attended had a great time, learned some new skills (and knowing the wading depths… jus under the top of the wellies! )

Images can be found on facebook or in the gallery